Mind the Gap

We headed to the track this morning. My daughter has made a goal to run at least two miles every week through the summer. Right now that means she runs once a week down at the track where she also plays parkour and practices her award winning jumps. Today we had the added bonuses of:
A. My son ran a half mile! That is two times around the track for my five year old! I was so proud of his active little body and his positive attitude.
B. The track equipment was left out on the field. We took advantage of the opportunity to jump around on the big mats and do the knee lifting running thing that is in the picture. Clearly I am new to track and field, and truly, to exercise in general, since I have no idea what those things are called. Anyhow, if you want to work out your hips and abs, you have your exercise. Wow! I did it several times and have many many hilarious pictures and the sore muscles to prove it! Ha ha!

I’m going to direct your attention to my thighs. I know, weird, right? Look at my thighs! How often have I EVER asked for people to check out my thighs?! Anyhow, do you see that white line? That’s light, my babies. Light shines betwixt my thighs! I can’t even remember when that has ever happened in my entire life. Maybe when I was nine… Pre-puberty, if ever. Anyhow, you should be happy that I figured out spandex covered thighs would show the progress. I seriously look pictures of myself in my underwear and considered sharing those. Somehow that just seemed… Wrong? Ha ha!
Lastly, like I said, I’m obsessed with the before and after picture sets… Yesterday when the hubs took that picture of my rear end I just had to make one of my before-during-present comparisons. At first I thought I was never ever going to post it, but then I realized from the get-go my mission on this website has been to track the whole project. It was to journal and talk about all of my celebrations and struggles. This is a place where I get to be self centered and booty dance whenever I want. So here is my backside- through the years. Woot!

2008- 10/2012- 6/2013
Now I’m off to get my weight work on! Consistency!
(Ran 2.25 miles this morning)

A little about the way I take pictures- I try to stand with my feet shoulder width apart every time I take stripped down comparison pictures. That way I can see changes as they become available… (This picture set is intentionally tiny- I’m not shy at all but I’m also not terribly excited about providing high resolution bikini pictures of myself online.)

2008 to 2013 – ch-ch-ch-ch-changes!

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