Half-Marathon Season

Didn’t you know? The seasons go: winter, spring, summer, half marathon, autumn… At least on my calendar it does.  Oi-vey, how do I get into these messes? These gorgeous, beautiful, awesome messes. The other day Gigi and I were on our long run for the week of seven miles and she confessed that she really wants to run a half marathon before school starts in the fall. Like, somehow finishing that distance was the thing she wanted to accomplish above all else this summer and shed feel proud to head back to school, knowing that she had that power. I got busy trying to create a route that we could run over Labor Day weekend when lo and behold, something landed in my inbox from Orca Running… Something about people who might benefit from a discounted race entry to the Iron Horse Half Marathon that takes place on August 28th and is all on a mild downhill grade! Guess who wrote right away on behalf of her daughter in hopes of making her wish come true? And guess who helped to fulfill that by offering not only Gigi a scholarship but her mama too? ORCA RUNNING! That’s right, we start out in North Bend, hop on a bus that takes us 13.1 miles up the mountain and then we get to run back to our cars, at a deep discount! 👍  I’m so excited. So ridiculously excited! Tomorrow we are running ten training miles in celebration and preparation. We are going on vacation soon and need to be ready to run upon our return. Guess who is excited about vacay running? Gigi. Sigh. Love that kid!

Two weeks later we are heading right back out to Carnation for the Beat the Blerch Half Marathon, then I have the Snohomish River Run Half Marathon around October 8th or 9th. It’s going to be busy and SOMUCHFUN! Hopefully some muscle will build and fat will vacate in the process!


  1. Paula

    You 2 are really doing exceptional. I did my first 10k this May & thought I really did something. Gigi is kicking my butt! I have wondering if I could even/ever do a 1/2. But of course when I started running last year I didn’t even think I could do a 5k. Anything is possible right? That 1/2 you both signed up for looks great. Wish I could come with.

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