Macros At Last

The garage fridge holds my prepped food: boiled eggs, brown rice, brown lentils, shredded cabbage and carrots, vegetable soup/broth, tofu, prepped brussels, roasted sweet potatoes, & portioned out veggie chik.

Last year all I wanted for Mother’s Day was a scale.  I was going to start eating by weighing my food and figuring the macros and the only thing standing in my way was the lack of a scale.  I got the scale, tried it out, planned on learning how to eat macros style and then did nothing about it. I weighed stuff.  I weighed air.  Then the scale disappeared.

Macros is basically eating with intent.  I want to eat food that most efficiently will fuel my system while also allowing me to lose some fat and potentially gain some muscle.  I’m also coming from the angle of really healthy, whole food eating.  I’m looking at clean eating.  You can eat junky macros, but I’m trying to refocus my food.  Not like obsessive.  I mean, this is still me.  I’ll still be eating chocolate and cake and pizza from time to time, but for now I want to try eating like this.  There’s a whole formula that is both extremely complicated and not complicated at all once you get rolling (I’m guessing), but I used an online calculator to figure out what my macro nutrient needs are: 

My daily alottment based on my weight, height and activity level.

Today was day one and it looked like this:

From what I understand, people who eat like this see results, like, for real results, so I’m happy to try this out and find out if this is the trick for getting me over the hump. My understanding is also that I’ve just reinvented the weightwatchers wheel, but I’m okay with that.  I feel like I have a solid understanding of what I’m really doing with my food instead of just following a prescribed formula and I like the independence of that.  In addition, I’m working hard in the gym with running, lifting and walking. With the balance of a healthy diet, I should start to see some real results!


    • Tamara

      Yes and yes. LOL! Once I figured out the splits of 20:40:40 (fat:carbs:protein) and realized I could rely somewhat on my food tracking journal to calculate the balance, things became more accessible. I’m still a long way off from legit success but I made definite headway this week!

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