Let’s Compare, Shall We?

You can always tell when I like a picture that I take of myself. The picture I took Thursday surprised me so I started making the infamous comparison pictures…

The difference here is about five years and 130 pounds. 130! Isn’t that amazing? Like, my chin looks so incredibly different, but my eyes are so much more visible. I had NO idea they were so hidden before!

These ones are almost exactly one year apart. Really, about 13.5 months if you want exactness. 🙂 The first was taken on my 39th birthday, the second on Thursday. The difference is about 80 pounds. That is a very big difference as well. 🙂

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  1. Vicki Martinson

    Holy moly Tamera! You do realize that you’ve lost a whole entire person don’t you?
    I am soooo amazed by your journey, and also, so inspired. Even though I didn’t do it exactly the same way you did, I have to say that you were a huge part of what inspired me on my weight loss journey, and although I haven’t lost a whole person, I’m hoping by the time I’m done I will have at least lost a half a person! Keep up the good work, and I’ll keep reading.

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