Leap Day 2.29

If we are being all technical, I know.  Leap Day is Monday, it wasn’t Saturday.  But that doesn’t matter when you already have the bib and the medals in your hot little hand and you want to run your long run the day before Leap Day and you know you’ll be all tuckered out like crazy cakes and unable or unwilling to even run 2.29 miles on the actual Leap Day so you fudge.  Just a little.  🙂 

So, Saturday it was.  We felt like we needed to give the race importance, so we headed to a truly ‘running’ kind of environment: Greenlake.  It’s a nice, easy, flat almost three miles all the way around the lake.  There are scads of people, ducks, dogs, babies, strollers and even a little store and theater.  It has all the festive ambiance of when you’re at an actual, non- virtual race without actually being at a race, and you’re certainly surrounded by crowds so that you can dodge people a lot like you do in a race…  So we went there to run.  I stuck with Gigi while Bradley ran with Jude, and around we went.  Gigi told me recently that if I keep running with her that I’m going to get faster, and boy was she right!  I swear, every time I run with that kid I PR!  This time was no different!  I earned my best time for two miles.  😉 At the end of it, I pulled Gigi’s medal out and she felt weird so she refused to wear it.  I forced her to put it on to hand Jude his, but let’s just say that all of the screaming and hollering of encouragements to her bro, along with the medal, made her a touch self conscious.  Neither of the kids would wear the bib, I don’t blame them, but I thought it was pretty cute that the company sent them out anyhow.  Little Mr. Jude is sure impressing me with his tenacity.  He made the entire three miles without stopping, again, and then got all excited about earning the Wizard of Oz marathon medal!  Onward and upwards, I suppose!

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