Lazy Sunday

Today was delightful. We woke up with big plans to go to the zoo, to go for a walk, to do all these fancy things… But we didn’t do anything. Instead, we hunkered down in our house and hung out, family style. We collectively did the Jillian Michaels Six Week Six Pack routine, then, while the kids cleaned their rooms, I did 30 minutes on the elliptical and Bradley bowlexed the heck out of his arms.

The rest of the day was spent getting ready for my work week, playing with the kids, shopping for clothes online and surfing through YouTube. I know, there are more productive ways to spend my time, but I saw some amazing spoken word poetry and decided to include a couple of my favorites…

*to be clear, I don’t necessarily find these all personally connecting, it’s more that I respect and admire when people authentically express themselves publicly and say the hard things that are scary to say aloud.*

This is, by far, my favorite TED Talk of all time. It’s hard to ask for things, but it’s important to remember that asking allows someone else to give, and the act of giving is, in and of itself, gratifying.

This guy writes about having OCD and love. I see both sides of this argument- the person who solves the complex mystery of curing a mental illness by finding ‘the one’ and the person who bears the burden of being the cure, ‘the one’.

This girl swears, just FYI. I’m no shrinking violet when it comes to swearing, but I try not to publish F-Bombs on my website. That said, there were parts of this that definitely rang true to me- walking hand in hand with my skinny boy- and parts that Really didn’t ring true. It took me until I was 37 years old to actually believe that someone could think I was pretty. All along in my marriage I just assumed that I had that great of a personality, never could he love me for my appearance as well. Self doubt is an ugly thing that plants ugly seeds.
On an interesting note, as soon as I accepted that my husband found me pretty at any weight I started losing. Isn’t that interesting?

And I can’t leave you with all those melancholy sads. This is the strangest, and simultaneously creepy/hilarious ad from Old Spice. Bradley gets the heebie jeebies from it while I can’t watch it with a straight face yet or walk around after without chortling to myself uncontrollably, and I have watched it many times.
I know, this isn’t necessarily terribly connected to weightloss, but… Whatever. 🙂
My goals this week are to work out for five out of seven days and to skip night food except tea. When I don’t munch after 7:30 or so I’m much better at losing weight. 🙂

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