June Happened

June totally happened for-ev-er!  Holy cow- that was the longest end of year e-vah!  My last contract day didn’t happen until June 27th.  I joked about how funny it was that I could actually do Independence Day themed art and it was relevant!  I’ve never had that happen before- honestly that part was kind of novel and fun.  What wasn’t fun was that the kids were SO done by the second to last week and it was just keeping the lid on the boiling pot.  We made it through to the other side, though, and as of Wednesday I was a classroom free woman!  I replaced it, however, with a house to clean and redecorate for summer, so I rolled into that all hardcore on Wednesday and finally, by Thursday, it was summer.  Except I was depressed, of course, so I selfishly went for my first run of the summer, shopped at Goodwill, made crafts, watched Real Housewives and snuggled up on my man until I felt like myself again.  It’s so good to be back!

On Friday I rejoined the gym.  My friend Patty invited me to a Zumba class and after…  I’m now a member again. I don’t even know how it happened so fast! I jumped after the term ‘limited time’ was bandied around which had the just right effect of making me panic and fear losing it so I did it! Lol! I didn’t get the absolute best deal, but I did get the deal that had no sign up fee AND allows me to go to all of the gyms, and that’s what I really want. Now, to figure out my body pump class schedule.  I’m really excited to get some good form and solid muscle build.  I feel like if I get some solid training and confidence under my belt then I can take training into my own hands.  I have a friend group who has pointed out to me where the fit people are and where the chubby people are- toned, muscled people are generally on the weight machines.  Focusing entirely on cardio without building muscle is only doing part of what I need to do for my health. When I looked at the class schedule, I saw that 24 Hour Fitness has boosted their class schedule, and between my two gyms I should be able to hit things pretty well this summer.  Between the gym classes and half marathon training, I should be in good shape again for my 44th birthday!

I’m super chubby and heavy right now.  I have a pretty solid sugar addiction and a weigh in hovering around 210-212.  While I’m not thrilled with the gain, I’m focusing on the exercise side of things for now.  I know how summer goes and I don’t usually do very well losing fat during the summer.  Come September, I get back on the eating schedule provided by the public school system, so I’ll hit that side then.  Maybe September and October can be focused on chipping away at my twenty pound gain!

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