Yesterday I was feeling all cocky, having done a really neat cooperation demonstration with our whole school. I had that ‘I just wrapped up a big project’ kind of feeling when I realized we had the jog-a-thon today and I had yet to make the playlist! AAAAHhhhaagh! So I hustled home and purchased such hot hits like ‘What Does the Fox Say?!’, ‘I Like to Move It Move It’ and who can run with 100 children and not Lady Gaga?! Not us. I put it together at the last minute but the playlist was a goodie. The kids were happy and it was a great celebration to end the fund raiser with! I’m so proud of our PTSA for rewarding us with a fun run. So cool. I ran 18 laps which was on the lower end of the pack for my class and I was the slowest adult runner there. I didn’t care though. 🙂 People at my school said that six laps was equal to a mile, my Strava said I only ran 1.8, BUT that I ran it in ten minute miles. Bradley kindly reminded me that Strava has a tough time reading small loops, so that may have something to do with it too. It was fun to get my workout done during the workday, though!
My interesting learning today was that I, indeed, notice the difference when running with and without the the inhaler. I forgot it at home, then realized that I forgot it and thought I have always ran without it, I’ll be fine… But I totally felt the difference today and I’ve been coughing ever since my run. Not fun. I did learn something, though.
I’ve actually been struggling with diet lately. The birthday cake threw me for a serious loop. When I eat sugar like that it totally throws my body out of whack. Ever since I ate that cake I haven’t lost any weight. Furthermore, I’ve been craving food like nobody’s business! Like, last night, we ate a normal dinner of pizza- Amy’s Organic, whole grain, loaded with extra protein and lots of veggies. Yummy and healthy. Then I had some almonds. And a little slice of birthday cake. That damn, yummy, delicious birthday cake! Why am I such a gifted birthday cake baker and creator of icing?! Oh, the crosses some of us must bear. Anyhow. Then I realized I didn’t run, didn’t work out and didn’t want or plan to, so I needed to stop eating but my body was all like, “You can’t tell me what to do!” in a Fat Albert voice and I wanted to eat and eat and eat until I felt full. I ended the night pretty well, considering.
After the insanity of the fat Albert incident I headed to the hot tub to get away from the kitchen. When I came back through I drank a huge glass of water, then another. My stomach felt uncomfortably full so I headed upstairs. As soon as the water started filtering through me, I wanted to eat more! So I ate some pop chips (100 calories) and drank more water. That seemed to do the trick and it was over. Soooo annoying.
Today I was sick of it and kicked Fat Albert to the curb. Tonight I ate a pita with chik and lots of veggies (avocado, peppers, tomatoes, onions), a side of peas and for dessert a Mounds ice cream bar. Know what? I was done after that. It felt good to be done with those cravings.

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