End of Break

It’s the saddest day in January. It is the last day before we go back to school. I always thought the last day of summer was bad, but man, this has been a tough day. Ugh. It’s so silly, but I just love being around my family so much that I hate to go back to work!
I’m going back at 217 pounds though.
That is a plus! I can deal with a seven pound gain/return to work. I also hit my workout goals for the break. I managed to run all 20 miles I had planned for plus walked a ton PLUS did WiiFit a bunch AND even did weights and elliptical. I was a good kiddo this break in the workout world.
Diet-wise, I’m not quite as proud. I’m pleased that I’m losing weight again, but the biggest reason I’m glad of going back to work is because I’ll have my schedule again. That will help me get the rest of the way on track towards meeting my eating goals. I’m so close to Onderland! I can’t wait!
I got to play with my new wardrobe this morning. I put together my outfits for the week and it was really fun to play with my new sweaters and stuff. My closet was getting pretty slim before Christmas.
Speaking of clothes…
Bradley and I went and took a screen printing class this weekend at the all ages venue Vera at the Seattle Center. It was pretty cool. We took the class and now, for a small fee, we have access to the workspace with the ability to turn out some product. We did it mostly for fun, but I’m thinking some tamarashazam tshirts for running would be pretty awesome. Perhaps I can even give some away!
Anyhow, this is a picture of us at the Seattle Center in front of the fountain (which you can’t see because of the glorious SUN!) right before the class. Cheers!


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