It Worked!

Guinevere and I stepped up our training a little bit today with our first ‘longer than a 5k’ run.  While I don’t have an official longer distance that I have to run until March, my kid is running a 10k on 2/12 at the My Better Half Marathon*!  It’s time to get our running legs under us!  It’s fun to know that my starting point is the 5k, now.  I often think back to my first 30 seconds, my first full block length, and eventually, my first mile.  Every one of those first was intimidating and arduous.  I didn’t believe in myself and had to keep taking baby steps in order to prove that I had it in me.  I never thought I would be as capable as I am now…  Anyhow, we are a little slow right now (well, it’s me who is slow, truthfully), but it felt good to push outside of the comfort zone and push a longer distance than I’ve run since the injury.  It was wonderful to reconnect with the kiddo and talk about stuff.  She’s got some strong feelings about being a feminist and young woman in this current climate and it was pretty interesting to hear her perspective.  

And it was shocking to see the number 205 on the scale when I got home!  Yesterday I reported feeling porky and heavy, but in the interest of monitoring my new food plan I decided I needed all of the current data and braved the scale.  I still feel porky and heavy, but maybe that’s just because I’m chock full of protein, still!  Needless to say, I’m sticking with this food plan.  I’m excited to see what happens as I stick with it!  

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  1. Paula

    So glad you have found something that is working for you. You must be so happy to be running again. Did you have an upper hamstring injury? How long did it take before you were pain free? I suffer with sciatica pain too. Exercise seems to help it.

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