It Finally Happened

On Sunday night I woke up with pain in my hip.  Pain acute enough that I ended up on the bathroom floor, twice, with that cold, clammy, sweaty, nauseous feeling.  Where you feel like you might pass out but you don’t actually?  Yeah.  That kind of pain.  I woke up the next morning, though, feeling frisky enough.  My hip still hurt, but nothing to worry about, right?  I went to work that day and my hip spasmed a few times, but I thought, again, this was no biggie.  That night it happened again- except worse and a few more times.  The next night the same, until this morning I was having Bradley help dress me as I literally cried.  I decided to bite the bullet, slough off the denial, call in a sub for the afternoon and go to the doctors.  I came home with a prescription for muscle relaxers and no running for about three months.  I can walk, I can be mildly active, but I can’t do anything strenuous, involving my hip.  I have what’s called sciatica, I guess, and it’s a compressed nerve and resulting spasming something or other…  clearly I was paying close attention, but I feel like I’m having a constant charley horse that radiates out from the ball of my hip, up and down my leg.  I’m walking with a limp and everything.  My training has been solid enough that my doctor couldn’t pinpoint a reason for the injury.  It seems to have come out of nowhere- it’s not even the hip that usually hurts at all.  She did say I’m lucky it starts in my hip rather than my back, and that points to a speedier recovery than the other version.   But anyway…

[ Cap’n Awesome will return!]

I kept wondering if I should do my half marathon on Sunday and obviously that’s definitely not happening.  Bradley said that perhaps this is Mother Nature telling me to slow down for a season.  There’s a part of me that feels relieved.  I can let up the pressure and recover through the holidays.  What a gift, right?  I can guiltlessly avoid running for months.  But holy cow if that doesn’t terrify me.  Running is how I keep from gaining weight.  Running is how I prove my dedication to myself.  It’s like proving to myself, the limits I will go to, to stay healthy and alive.  Letting it go is sort of like letting my fat girl back in and I really don’t want to let that happen.  So I’m approaching this with caution, for sure, and an open mind for how I can continue to move forward with my health, but I’m totally freaking out.


  1. Paula

    Oh my goodness. You must be so devastated. I know how much running means to you. Probably because I know how important it is to me. 3 months seems long but it goes quick. Remember how fast the summer went? It will also give you a much deserved break. Just think of all the other things you have wanted to try. I have been wanting to add more upper body work myself as my arms look more like wings! I might cut back on running to add in resistance training. I am worried that less running will lead to weight gain. Sciatica sounds terrible. I think I have it but not to the degree you are. Did they give you any stretch exercises for it? My chiropractor did but they didn’t help. It kind of just has to go away on its own. I find exercise helps me overcome it. But it never goes away completely. Kind of go through bouts 🙁 Get well soon & let us know what you’re up to.

  2. Julie

    So sorry to hear about your injury. I know injuries can really throw a person off their game. Maybe there is an Aqua Zumba class near you? That might be gentle enough on lower body and hey, it’s Zumba, too!

  3. Lesleigh

    I’m so sorry! I agree with the others though… maybe find something else like swimming. But for now just take it easy. Sometimes our body is telling us something and we don’t listen until it screams at us.
    Rest up and feel better soon.

  4. Deb

    Runner here too, for the past 2.5 years after losing 120. Ironically, I am a week into chiropractor sessions for…sciatica. X-rays showed a pinched nerve, one compressed disc, a couple bone spurs, and a lean to one side. I had sporadic pain since July, sometimes debilitating. I missed 3 weeks of training for my first half, but ran it and it was alright. After, it seemed to get bad again and since I knew it wasn’t joint or muscle pain I figured it was a nerve. I had never been to a chiropractor before last Saturday. Seems to be helping but since things were sporadic anyway, can’t be sure. I run when it feels good and it doesn’t make it worse…i have read that activity can help. Hoping I make it to my second half in November…

  5. Christina

    Good morning (I lurk, but don’t post lol!).

    I’m a runner too and use running for all the same reasons you do. My most catastrophic injury also left me without running for months. I used that time to eat myself senseless and gain weight – ugh. What else could I do – duh?

    At the same time, my running brother also had an injury that took him from running. He used that time to get his upper body in the best shape ever. Crap I wish I had thought of that – quite brilliant!

    I vowed to handle future injury with a different perspective. Reading your post reminded me of that lesson (which I have used a number of times since my body loves an injury lol). Thought I’d share.

    Good luck. Be well. (And thanks for your blog – I like it!!)

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