I Haven’t Posted in Two Days

The title kind of sums this article up. Expect to be wowed by my writing and blown away by my thinking because you’re in for a doozy…
Ha ha!
Quite the opposite.
I went into an autumnal coma, if you will, filled with hot cocoa nights by the fire, good books and lots of down time. Or the opposite of that. Perhaps I was a little more like a squirrel, doggedly and persistently running against the clock, scrambling for more minutes before bedtime to store more nuts, scurrying through leaves, frantic… Yeah… That sounds about right.
This week is one I’m not too sorry to let go. It was long, it was hard and I earned the right to my bed and six pillows every night!

We got school pictures taken on Wednesday and I couldn’t help but line up a comparison of my employee badges. What a difference a few years makes. I often comment that teaching is one of the few jobs that so effectively documents the aging, hair styles, weight gains and losses. In the past I haven’t always been so thrilled with the comparisons. It’s a new era!
Tomorrow is the Celebrate Schools 5k. I’m proud to say that my school has rocked it and gone over the necessary number of entrants to earn a grant for my school. That is pretty awesome. 🙂
Notably, I have not worked out in two days so I’m really looking forward to tomorrow!
I’ve also been spending time with Donnie Wahlberg on Vine. He made me laugh. What can I say?!
Nothing. I know no shame.

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