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On my way home today I was listening to my hip-hop-booty camp playlist and was busting out moves in the car all the way home.  Songs that I couldn’t recall the choreography to got all-new innovative stoplight moves, and by the time I got home I was being very expressive in my head about how much I love Nicki Minaj and, really, the way she plays with her lyrics and words And language,really, is simply poetry and art and I don’t even care that she can be a difficult, confrontational piece of work*…  and I needed to dance some Zumba with or without all of my ladies.  I had this big plan of rushing into the house and, while the family was at cross country practice, I would blast all of my gritty, kid-inappropriate hip-hop music that I never get to play while they’re home to march, dance,  prance  groove out with my Zumbastic moves to!  I would be so involved in my music and dance that they would just arrive at home, come through the door and, while looking awesome, I would perfectly finish out my final song and they would be impressed.  

But as I rounded the corner in my car, there they were.  My gorgeous family skipping down the road, and into my arms as I pulled into the driveway.  I gathered my hugs and let my dream die for a few minutes until I realized it was Zumba, run outside or run inside and I really was attached to Zumba.  They were all downstairs doing homework, but I walked in, turned up my tunes and started shaking it!  I’ll admit that I didn’t remember a lot of the moves, but I did sweat like crazy.  I also breathed hard like a person running up a mountain, was red like a tomato and my heart was beating like crazy.  It was a gooooood workout.  Bradley caught the view from behind and provided the photographic evidence of all my shaking.  

My kids got so into it that my daughter now thinks I need to be a Zumba instructor, insisted that I teach her some moves tonight and she can’t wait until she is 13 and can come to Zumba with me!  Bless her little heart.  ❤️ 

* Based on knowledge of three songs and too much reading of celeb gossip sites.  

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