Hitting my Stride

Today I hit my stride for the first time in a long time. Today didn’t feel like a victory necessarily (ok, well, maybe a little bit), today felt like a return to solid eating habits and exercise patterns.
I realized early on in the day that we had a full schedule, so I headed out around 10:AM for my run. I felt most proud today when I came around the bend to, what I had planned to be, the final stretch of my run. Until that point I was just on a mission to complete what I call ‘medium loop’, a 1.4 mile route that is the two street blocks inclusive of my own home. Anyhow, as I was rounding to the home stretch, I felt my body relax into the run, my oxygen exchange was good, and I started thinking about how much I really like longer runs because they make my calorie margin wider. I decided to continue running and added a mile by way of ‘small loop’, running around the immediate block my house is on. My miles were in the tens and elevens, but it felt so good to simply enjoy running again. I remembered, again, not the misery, but the high.
I’m so glad I decided to create my own, personal boot camp. I’m feeling it, in the best way!
I spent the rest of the day with my kids’ school- eating lunch with my daughter in her class, volunteering in my son’s class, attending track practice and a music performance. It was a full day and it was really nice to spend some time in each of my kids’ classes. It’s interesting to get a feel for the places where they spend their days. 🙂
And now, for stranger topics…

I can tell I’m burning fat. Want to know how?
I have the worst gas ever.
Does this happen to anyone else? When you start losing weight do you get gassy with the (nasty) accompanying side effects?
I do not have a good nose, and I never smell that particular odor. Blame it on older brothers who would hold me down and toot in my face, whatever… I always found it a blessing that I don’t smell that, well, those… Smells.
But this week I can smell it just fine.
I’m not a fan of the toots, but I’m happy for the fat burning!
Anyhow… Do you have this issue too?
Ah. Such important and complicated things I write about.

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