Happy New Year: 2015!

To usher in the New 2015 Year, we Lj’s sat around playing video games while eating burrata and brownies- a refined palate for sure- to pass the last of 2014 away. At midnight we ran outside hollering our greetings to the New Year and smootching in exaltation. It was freezing-cold, though, so within two minutes we were inside, in bed and almost fast asleep. I’m telling you- that last 45 minutes before midnight is a killer on New Years Eve night. I’m always sitting with my eyes rolling back and my head jerking back and forth drowsily. Then, after running around all wild at midnight, I’m usually energized and have a tough time settling down. Last night, though, I was out like a light.
This morning we rose and shone and hit the ground, literally, running. Bradley and my son headed out for a run, while I favored a warmer run in my garage. I made it 38 minutes and almost two episodes of Californication (I’ve been marathon watching it guiltily this break!) before I headed out to the streets with Bradley and Martha to brave the brisk, frigid air for a fast walk. It felt like a good way to start the year off on the right foot.
Last year I almost met my resolution of getting under 200, but clearly that went out the window. That said, I’m a firm believer in making goals for the year. As I wrote last year, studies show that people who make resolutions are much more likely to meet those goals. I feel like there’s no loss in trying!
Resolution one: Hit a weight in the 180’s, ideally 185. If I can get lower that that, BOO-yah !
Resolution two: Train for and run a half marathon, ideally the Seattle Rock and Roll Half Marathon. I had to promise to Bradley, however, that I will not compromise my mobility or health in order to accomplish this goal. If I meet a distance that makes me hurt, I won’t push myself further.
Check-in on 2014’s Goals:
Last year my goal was to gain lean muscle mass. I’m not sure how well I did on that. I did attempt to do that, but halfway through the year I realized that I was having a really tough time both losing fat while eating to gain muscle. It seemed easier to focus on the fat for now and the muscle for later. That said, I did go from a size 16-18 to a solid 14 in the year without losing much weight at all. Not including the last two week’s gain, I lost a little over 10 pounds last year. I yo-yo’d between 201-223 this year, mostly between 205-213. I can’t say if the size shift is from a fat loss and muscle gain or if it is simply from my skin shrinking up.
I can say that I’m proud of my exercise this year- I was pretty consistentwith aerobics, but I would like to push myself a little harder. I go back and forth between actually challenging myself and just getting the workout in that burns fat and allows me to maintain some sense of physical ability. I should also be integrating more anaerobic exercise, but meh…
This year I’ll lose the fat. Next year I’ll try to gain some muscle.
Happy New Year!

{somewhat affected face, but I am oddly fond of this selfie for some reason}

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