Giddy Up

I was looking through Instagram and was chuckling over all of these memes going, “Oh my gosh!  Bradley!  It’s sooo truuue!”  And laughing like a maniac.  LOL!  Because they ARE true!  I was just saying, the other day, how I have no upper body, and it’s TRUE that my arms get their best workout when I’m working the hair!  Also, I do feel like that squirrel, right now, all chubby and fluffy after the Thanksgiving brouhaha, but I am glad I didn’t gain The full ten pounds for that role.  I’m proud to say that I braved the scale today and saw 199.2.  I have to believe part of that is water weight from salty and different kinds of foods, but I fully own that some of that is all that gravy, stuffing, cheese and pumpkin pie with whipped cream that I ate, without a shred of guilt, this weekend.  I’m ready to get back to my better habits, though.  I felt a bit stuck in a pattern of shopping in the fridge for delicious morsels followed with something sweet that needs to get broken with the workweek habit, again.

A couple of monkeys and I finished decorating the house for the holidays.  Trees and lights all decorated and the tubs are back in storage.  Why is it that we do this all for one month out of the year?!?!  LOL!  Our elves, Snowflake and Snowman, made their return, too.  Jude let me know, with glee, that they will be here for 26 sleeps!  Oh boy. 

We woke up to an icy fog this morning, reminiscent of that movie The Others, where the fog just never leaves…  We decided to see what St. Edward park looked like in the fog and got dressed for a chilly hike.  And oh my goodness, it was SO COLD.  I know a few people who ran a half marathon today, and all I could about was that icy fog, the chilly condensation and my freezing body and how doing that for 13 miles would be brutal.  I just couldn’t get warm on that whole hike, even though I ran a lot of it.  The hike, however, was definitely worth it.  The branches were dripping, the lichen was lively, fungus copious, the moss was rich and damp and it was the epitome of the Pacific Northwest temperate rainforest.  Both of our kids came alive when we took them out, making me realize we need to force them out of their winter cocoons more often!  I warmed up with a shower followed by an extensive blow drying of my hair and was in my head-to-toe, fleece footie jammers, and I was STILL COLD.  So when Bradley headed to the hot tub, I had to try that, too, and at last I warmed up enough to think about something else for a little while.  It’s funny how sometimes the cold seems to leech into your very bones.  Today was definitely like that!

This week I want to track my food every day.  That is my best way to get things going in the right direction, again.  I’m also planning to run a few times and I think I’ll try to Zumba a time or two this week, depending on how Bradley is feeling about running.  🙂

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