Fooooooood… (said in zombie voice)

Let’s just say things have been nuts. I know I’ve said we are finishing my papers for recertification, and I tell ya, it is a time and energy sucker. And I miss my kids! AND I’m jealous of all my friends who are headed away to Rome, Disneyland or even just the nearby beaches! Perhaps I’m getting a taste of why people are often bitter about teachers having summers off! Ha ha!
To add to that, I have ridiculous PMS food cravings that have me wanting to inhale food nonstop. You think I’m kidding? Last night I was full and still needed to make a batch of popcorn to inhale. I decided, as I sat there with my food baby belly, that today was going to be different. So far I’m doing really well. I haven’t put anything in my mouth today that triggers cravings for other stuff. And I’m using my ‘Determination’ mantra. I’m determined to get back on track. DETERMINED!

This is me at Ye Olde Country Buffet. It was Bradley’s deceased grandpa’s birthday the other day so we went to honor him. It was where we always went with him whenever we went out to eat. Breakfast at OCB is yummy. Lots of eggs, deep fried hash browns, hollandaise sauce… Even ice cream is included. And I ate it all. But I do think I fared better than this dude:

He had a plate with nothing but a huge pile bacon on it alongside his glass of chocolate milk. I wanted to be him for a moment, honestly. Sitting there proudly eating bacon like it’s going out of style while reading your manga comic. Pretty awesome.
I, on the other hand, filled an entire plate with cantaloupe- which I ate because it was the only fresh fruit that looked and tasted ripe- followed by an egg, a biscuit, three hash browns and all washed down with an ice cream sundae. This all by ten o’clock. Starting the day like that wasn’t so great as ice cream called me all day long, chips beckoned, food sang to me. I craved it and sometimes gave in. I tried to eat carrots and cherries, but some other stuff (truffles and ice cream) made it down the hatch too.
The good news? We also did this:

That, right there, was. 4.25 run/hike/walk. We discovered a park about 1.5 miles from our house that has trails winding all around in it. It was a beautiful and fun run. Our kids were at their grandparents, so we did take advantage of few moments to smootch all romantic style trailside before we trotted off to the QFC to buy a tea and then trekked home. It amazes me how much running has opened up our world. In the past I never would have thought to run to the nearby QFC on foot! But I went even farther! I’m so impressed with myself, frankly. Ha ha!
I wanna give a shout out to my girl Rhiann who, today, ran 20 minutes solid and over a mile for the first time in, like ever (her words)! I am so proud to have another running friend!!! Just keep swimming… Or running… Or just moving! Woot!


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