Tonight I met Brittany Gibbons. You might remember her from my bikini post where I referenced her ad nauseam. (I’m not going to give you the link- go dig.). She is beautiful (yes, as pretty in person. I KNOW!) and an advocate for the curvy girls. Aside from that? Funny and our kids share names. I say that too often but I think that is just so WEIRD. Anyhow, she posted an invite on facebook to an evening in Seattle at a restaurant with her and I thought, “Sure, sounds fun.” I thought I was going to be one of a bajillion women there. Turns out, one table suited us just fine.
Also turns out? I was flabbergasted to learn she peeked at my blog after I applied to be one of her makeover girls. Isn’t that cool when someone who inspired you to do something actually has the occasion to see the product they didn’t even know they even inspired?! Full circle.

It was so nice. Like SO nice. I quickly got over my celebrity-type-fangirl-girl crush I have had on the woman since first discovering her a few years back and just really got comfortable with a glass of wine and super interesting people. I loved tonight.
I went on a run yesterday with Rhiann, my friend who did the couch to 5k recently. It was crazy good. I like running with Bradley. I do. But it was fun to run with someone else and see what that was like. It was amazing because I suggested just running a short two miler or ’round thereabouts and before I knew it we were done. We talked the whole time about who even knows what and I was so distracted that I didn’t even feel the run. I felt frustrated, however, upon discovering my Strava app crashed during my run sometime and it didn’t record. I was so looking forward to having a new map in my feed! Next Monday I’ll make it up when we run again, but Rhiann sent me this to placate me until then (I actually kinda begged for it).

I let myself wear my 40 before 40 boots. It was rainy. But mostly? I justified it because for a little while this weekend I did weigh 225. I did show my 40 before 40… It just didn’t stick around! It will be back, I’m not worried. And when it stays longer I’ll create a big, ole hootenanny and stomp REAL loud in my boots!

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