Running today was super awesome with a side of awesome sauce fo-sho!
I spend a good amount of time on Hulu passively watching shows like The Biggest Loser and Extreme Makeover: Weightloss Edition (EM:WE) I’m aware that their practices are not always the best for losing weight ‘right’, but I think they must know something because they keep doing it and its so gratifying to watch the transformations for me. Anyhow, on today’s episode of EM:WE, the trainer, Chris Powell, coached his client through a marathon about pacing- slowing down and speeding up depending on the incline and how her body was feeling. A lightbulb went off- duh. I always hit every uphill and downhill with the same level of energy and pace, never slowing down OR speeding up!

That changed today, and my run was rocking! I feel like if I do that I can REALLY listen to my body- and not about panicking or overheating, rather where the sweet spot for fat burning is. Do you see that first mile? That is a kick ass pace! It’s mostly the downhill part of the run, so it looks really good and fast, but I’m proud. 😀

As you can see from my sweaty faced post run picture, it was a rainy day. I forgot how beautiful it is to run on cool, moist days. I didn’t overheat, there was no threat of panic… I am only looking forward to this one component of fall- cooler weather to run in without struggling with the heat!
A weird thing that happens to me from time to time is that I smell ammonia after I run. I wondered if I had some weird olfactory infection or if smelling ammonia post run is a sign of something. Turns out, it is a sign!
A sign that I need to drink more water before I run AND I need to eat better carbs. This morning when I ran I was using a handful of Cheerios and a drink of milk as fuel. It was not enough! Turns out when you’re low on accessible carbs your body burns protein- which can mean muscle- and the result is that ammonia is excreted in my sweat and I STINK! Today it was to intense my nostrils burned. I’ll definitely make sure to eat appropriately in the future. I’m so glad to have this mystery solved.

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