Every Weekend Should Be Four Days Long

(null)This has been a nice, long weekend. I’m tired in that good way that says I was nice and busy. I promised myself that I’d put in a solid workout each day this weekend, and I did. I’ve been trying to up my mileage a little; I mean, if I’m going to run a half marathon, I need to be able to push further than two miles at a go. Each day I hit at least three miles, if not four or more. I was pleased with my effort. Especially since I ate approximately 57 Hershey’s kisses on Sunday night. The running was kind of important. Lol! Other than my Hershey’s Kisses slip up, I was a good kid and stayed on target for calories all weekend.

We headed to Olympia on Monday to attend the End Toxic Testing rally in protest of the common core state standards and the testing that accompanies it. It was a powerful thing for my kids to see democracy in action and to see how standing up for yourself can look aggressive but it’s really just standing up for what you believe in. Sometimes you have to create awkward situations and have difficult conversations when things are happening that you don’t support. Laying down on the sidewalk in front of the OSPI to represent a student scoring a two on the state assessment definitely forced my daughter out of her comfort zone, as did writing important sayings like “I am more than a test subject” and “where is the wonder?” on an actual school bus. It was a pretty amazing experience that definitely made an impression on our kids.
Last night I stayed up far too late simply because I am obstinate and willful. Plus, it was very important to watch the SNL 40th anniversary, which I actually enjoyed more than I do most SNL stuff. I didn’t want to admit that the long weekend was nearing and end so I should wake up on time in the morning. I wanted to stay up because I could! I assumed I’d be able to sleep in, but after finally crashing out around 2:00, I popped awake at 6:30, bright eyes and bushy tailed! For, like, one hour. Then I was dragging. So, today I was a sloth. I ran the furthest I’ve ever gone on my treadmill (3.6 miles- it gets too boooorrring!) then texted, surfed online, watched tv, cooked delicious minestrone and pretty much did nothing. It was an awesome way to spend the day.
Three days till my next weekend! Not too shabby… 🙂

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