A few weeks ago I let it drop that for my birthday I’d like to turn our garage into a gym with a treadmill. Maybe some other machine too, but after all this heat this summer my nice, cool garage on at 85 degree run day sounded really nice. I was planning ahead.
My darling husband quickly scrapped his dream of parking our car in the garage and started hunting on Craigslist for solid exercise machines. We needed to take into account that these weren’t going to be glorified clothing storage units, that we are big, tall people (I’m a hair under 5’10” and he’s 6’2″) with long legs and we were planning to RUN on the treadmill. Believe it or not, most treadmills are really just made for walking.

Well, our garage is nowhere near ready, but people are moving and clearing out their gear! We picked this elliptical machine up last week and, I’m telling you, it is a workout! Both Bradley and I have been spending about thirty minutes per day on it in addition to running. I didn’t think about how buying a new machine would extend my workout in a diverse and different kind of way. It is in our living room, for now, and I like it there. It looks at me and I think nothing of hopping on for ten minutes every now and then to burn a few calories.
After buying this machine we got to try a few models out at the hotel this weekend. I’m pleased to say that I love our machine. It has a bigger glide for taller people; the range of motion on the others was small and cramped feeling.
*this picture is hilarious to me. I hopped on the elliptical today, determined to get a picture of myself on it, but I had just returned from a run and the sweat was running into my eyes so bad that I couldn’t open them! Ha!

Yesterday we went and picked up this Bowflex from some people who just sold their house and needed it out NOW! It’s a resistance machine and it definitely seems different from the free weights so we are keeping those around. This thing is huge and, as our garage is not ready, it is in my kids’ rumpus room taking over!
You know how you don’t really realize how weak you are until you strain something? Ahem. That is so me on this thing. I’ve been a super good kid doing arms, legs, butt and gut, but this thing makes my neck and shoulders aware that they’re super weak. I find it very interesting that all of those bothersome, persistent, crampy, achy spots on my body are actually just places that are extraordinarily weak*. I’m presently on the lowest settings on the Bowflex and it is definitely a workout.
$$$Price tag for all of this craziness? $125 for the Bowflex and $150 for the elliptical all bought on Craigslist. A few years back we paid about 100 for the exercise bike on craigslist as well. We pretty much have a gym now! Ha! As long as we are using it, I’m thrilled as anything to own it. Our kids love it too, and, most importantly, we are keeping moving!
Oh, and regarding the treadmill? We are still looking for one that will support us that is in good working order. I think we will have to pay out a little more for this machine. I also want one of those stair climbers to build my thighs into chicken drumsticks, I suppose…
*I’d like to note that after carrying up to 340 pounds around and becoming a runner my legs are built up like crazy. The highest setting for legs and calves is not super easy, but it’s not hard either!

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