Easter has been tough. I love those Cadbury Mini Eggs. LOVE them. As I love those big ones that are filled with that gross gooey icing stuff that looks like egg. I think Easter is my favorite candy holiday… So, yeah, the Easter Bunny brought it all to my kids. I honestly asked my kids to hide their Easter baskets from Mommy so I wouldn’t nibble on them. Thankfully they complied, but it was a hard day once I knew those things were in the house! I’m finding that keeping a ‘clean’ cupboard in really important for me. When I have junk, clearly I crave it.
My return to exercise has been a great success. Since Wednesday I’ve run three miles and walked more. In addition, I’ve done my strengthening to round it out. I took today off, opting instead for napping in the sun. If there’s one thing my excer-break taught me, its that i need time off from pushing myself to let my body heal. if I don’t, I pay the price of a plateau and pain. Tomorrow I’ll bring it again!

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