Disney Decision

Today we had no students at school. One would think that when we don’t have kids in the room that we would leave all refreshed for the day, but I’m always surprised at how exhausted I am on non-student Fridays. Phew! So it should be no surprise to anyone that after I got home I was not interested in running or walking or anything. The yawns started as soon as I walked through the door and I started talking myself out of going for a run. Then I just downgraded it to a walk, but in my running clothes, just in case I felt like running.
I made some coffee, to boost my energy before I headed out. As I drank it, I reflected on a conversation I had with one of my favorite people from work. We were talking about blogging and goals and blogging goals and I got all excited about my body project and my blog. I made a decision: I’m going to start training for the Disney Princess Half Marathon!.
Like I said in my last post: there’s no reason I shouldn’t be running five miles regularly after I’ve been training this long. I’ve been running for over a year and I still don’t run more than three miles regularly. Truth be told, I usually pare my distance down to 1.5 miles, just enough to get my heart going and I feel like I burned calories for 20 minutes. There’s nothing wrong with doing a minimal 20 minute workout, but I also need to be pushing myself. With the goal of the half marathon ahead of me, I feel motivated all of the sudden. I’m not sure when I’ll do the Disney half marathon- in 2015 or 2016, but I’m going to shoot for a local half marathon around Christmas with a couple of 5Ks and 10Ks this summer to propel me forward. Perhaps I’m naive, and of course I’m going to do some research, but that seems reasonable to me.
So, anyways, back to my cup of coffee and reflective thoughts… I was sipping away, talking myself out of the run and regretting my decision to run that stupid half marathon. And I said it aloud! I was going to run a half marathon! To Becca!
Then I had this moment of clarity. I realized a few things. First, I want to lose weight and running is an excellent weight loss tool, obv. Second, I love the pride I feel after a run, and I thought of how smug I feel (to lazy Tamara, not to the world) after a run, and, let’s face it, I feel hella proud after a run. I wanted to feel all of that! So I did it! I squelched my yawns and committed to three times around the small block, three miles. Then I went out and I did it! I came home and felt awesome. Fabulous. Recommitted.

I feel happy tonight. I feel strong. I’m so excited to have a goal in front of me again, and I’m so glad to feel a drive for forward momentum again!
Oh… And guess who has Facebook now??


  1. Erin Hackwith

    A close friend of mine did the Disney Princess Half Marathon two years ago with two of her running partners. They dressed up and ran it. She was so glad that she did it and really enjoyed it. Go, Tamara, go!

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