Diet Bet Beat

My goal at my diet bet was to weigh 214.7. I had all this angst that I wouldn’t be able to do it, but it turned out not to be a problem. I’m sure glad I blasted most of my holiday weight off, though. Bleh! I think I am definitely going to do another bet. I found that it kept me really focused in a different kind of way. I had a lot of pressure to get it done and I took it seriously, but now I find myself thinking thoughts that will get me off my path, so I’m thinking I need to make another bet. I have 13 pounds to lose before the middle of March, and I want to make sure to meet (or beat) that goal!

I’ve turned into a total weather wimp. If it is raining or cold I don’t want to go outside for a run! For a while, that meant that I was pretty much just skipping my workouts, which had me worried. I’ve come all this way, I don’t want to backslide. But then I figured out how to hook up my iPad to my elliptical and I just started going to town! Over the past few days I’ve spent about an hour and a half on that thing.
I posted the heart rate chart chart above as a reminder to myself about how to burn fat. I really push myself- hard. I had it in my head that I want to be in the 150’s for heart-rate, so that has been where I push to pretty consistently. After looking at this, though, I realized that if I want to target my fat, I really need to dial the intensity of my workouts back. I push to the 150’s and 160’s sometimes, thinking I’m only getting out of the fat burning in the 160’s! Yikes! That said, I have fabulous endurance and actually hit that runner’s high thing I’ve heard so much about. The other day, I was on the elliptical, around minute 18, and all of the sudden the workout felt amazing. I had a huge endorphin rush and my breathing felt the same as if I were walking, my muscles were not upset, my heart-rate was at 148-153 and I felt like I could go forever. I made it to 50 minutes. Not bad. 🙂
Goals this week:
Journal my food at least one day
Take at least one run for 2-5 miles
Ride the elliptical at least 2 hours
Weights/floor work twice, minimum
I’m at that time of year where I never take pictures. My phone is empty of interesting things, so you get graphics for now. 🙂


  1. Michael

    Also, I host a dietbet game every month and you are more than welcome to join. I should be creating the February one within the next few days and I will let you know when it is up. I usually have a little raffle at the end for a prize(this month was a $100 amazon gift card) in which the entries into the raffle are based on how many days you posted your workout. I think it has helped people get off the couch. haha

  2. Michael

    I love diet bet so much. Even in the time when I didn’t win the game, I lost weight and that is the main goal. It keeps me motivated to keep moving forward!

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