I know, I KNOW! I didn’t post a food diary yesterday! I know! So many of you tuned in, anxious to see what I ate, and I didn’t follow through. I’m sorry. Ok? If it makes you feel any better, I left my iPad at school yesterday and posting is hard without it. It was a shockingly difficult separation, my iPad and me. I was sooo glad to see it on my desk when I arrived at school this morning… Reunited!

I’ve been a good kid both days. We’ve been practicing the 12 hour fast each night, as well, and I think that skipping eating after seven has been pretty helpful. Especially since I haven’t worked out either night.
As I’m looking at my diet, I’m seeing a whole lot of opportunity to add healthier choices. Each time I entered white rice on there I thought it should be brown. It should be noted, however, that we aren’t that branded. Somehow, everything in the app is branded- even arugula. Arugula is arugula, amiright?!
It’s Camp Read A Lot in my classroom right now, and I am having the best time with my kids! This was today’s ‘craftivity’. I thought my sample turned out quite charming!


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