Definition of an Amazon

Sometimes I question my status as an Amazon.  Am I really tall enough?  Stocky enough?  Muscular enough?  Then I see a picture like this one taken today at my family’s annual chili feed and pumpkin patch visit, and seriously.  I’m an a Amazon.  I’m just, plain, HUGE!  Those other taller people in the picture are my brothers and husband.  The remaining big, giant person?  ME!  The Amazon! 


Yesterday Gigi asked if I would do Zumba with her, and who was I to deny her?  She loves that we can find almost any song with a Zumba routine attached to it on YouTube.  About 15 minutes into our workout she remarked that she wasn’t working out very hard.  I answered that I was pretty warm and sweaty, thinking it was just my nearly-42-year-old body, but she said she was all sweaty too.  What she realized was that Zumba doesn’t feel like a workout.  It just feels like you’re jumping and playing to music, but you actually ARE working out.  The links were our two favorites that we did Saturday. 

 I’m making some goals for the week.  It’s conference week AND my birthday week.  There’s a lot of opportunity to get way off track so I think it’s important to keep a solid focus.  I want to:

  • Run at least ten miles.  Part of those should be a longer run toward the end of the week.  If I get that longer run in, I will most likely be past 10 miles and will feel pretty good about that.  
  • Document my food.  This week will be fraught with treats.  I need to keep on top of what I’m eating.
  • Extinguish soda pop- again!  I’ve picked up a very minor habit of drinking a glass of diet soda about every other day, but I need to just put it doooowwwnnn.  Be done with it.  Let it go.
  • Enjoy my birthday.  I have the birthday blues- I don’t know where to go to eat, dessert has too many calories, and really, I’m turning 42.  What’s exciting about that?  Really, it’s just disappointing and depressing and an age I never wanted to be and I’m just ready for it to be over.  See?  Here I go again.  Enjoy your birthday, dammit!
  • Keep strong, don’t eat the Halloween candy.  Just DON’T EAT IT.  If I don’t start, I won’t have to stop.

I was a scarecrow at my school’s costume carnival on Friday.  It was a fast, easy costume that turned out pretty cute!  

(I fuzzed my family out because I’m not sure if all of my family wants or is allowed to have their images online- no offense intended.)

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