Daylight Savings

Can you see me now? Remember when I went out and bought all that neon? First of all, let the record show that I do not like neon. As a fat girl, I am not a fan of drawing attention to how much real estate needs to be covered by a large neon panel. But, when daylight savings happens in the Pacific Northwest, we are plunged into darkness by 4:30 most days. The following picture was taken at about 4:25:

Dim and dark, but you can certainly see my shoes and shirt! Ha ha! By the time I finished my run it was full on dark with street lights and car lights blazing. The transition is amazing, how quickly it happens. Having had close calls with two cars over the past few runs, I just hope that people are paying attention to driving and not their phones. I’m totally freaked out by the texting/distracted driving stuff.
And then there was my new personal record!

My miles are getting faster! Today Bradley was running errands with the kids when I got home so I decided to head out on my own. I didn’t push myself, necessarily, but the thought of running home to my family was very motivating. I promised myself that if I saw them when I passed the house I could stop, so I pushed myself up the hill in hopes of seeing them but no luck. I ran past the house and headed around for the second loop, rounding the whole thing up to a 3.2 mile run with two sub 10 miles! Yahoo! I’m so pleased!!!!
A lot can happen in a year.
I laughed aloud as I headed out by myself down the hill. Last November I would have seen this as an opportunity to watch something good on tv, eat something sinful, take a bath, but never would I have considered a walk (much less a run) on my own. Bradley had to drag me out like a dog on a leash to exercise. I was often sullen and unpleasant. Nice. Now I love running and don’t like to skip a day. I chose to take care of myself in an entirely different, and more productive, way today and was rewarded with my own personal record. I feel quite happy and accomplished today!

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