Current Record

I didn’t want to run today. Like, at all.
It’s not because of any real reason, I just felt apathetic and like taking a day off. But… I know I need to keep on keeping on, otherwise I’ll lose my momentum. I harkened back to those days of whispering, “Determination,” to myself and did just that today! I kicked my own butt into gear, put on my running shoes and started stretching. I made a deal with myself that I would only have to run the medium loop(formerly ‘big loop’ since we added another block to make the new ‘large loop’) as long as I ran it as fast as I could. So I did!

Wahoo! Made me totally happy I decided to go out after all!
I honestly never thought I’d be a runner, but beyond that, I never thought I’d be a runner who pushes herself to run faster and harder. To improve her times and distances on purpose. If I ever thought I’d be a runner, I thought I’d be the kind who trudged through, hating every moment of sheer torture until I could finally sit back down with my diet coke and a fan blowing right at me. I feel really happy today about this battle I seem to have won, of learning what I really can be versus what I thought I could never be.

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