Crabby McCrabberston

My new moniker- cuz I’m a crabby apple.  Ms. Crabapple, perhaps.  Why am I all filled with the crabbiness that should only belong to the crab?  Because I’m like a toddler and all the things I like to do I can’t.  Or circumstances have made it so I have to do things I don’t like doing, like cleaning out the dishwasher and doing laundry.  There’s are reasons why I go to work and my dear husband stays home- laundry is a big one.  The dishwasher is the other!  With Bradley’s injury happening within two hours after school let out, I went from being Mrs. Littlejohn: ‘2nd grade school teacher, wife, mom, kid wrangler, runner and summertime gal’ to Mrs. Littlejohn: ‘housekeeper, wife, mom, chef, kid wrangler, puppy wrangler, bleeder and chauffeur.’  

‘Runner’ is not on the second part of that list because ‘bleeder’ replaced it.  I started bleeding, like, randomly.  I don’t think I need to tell you where I’m bleeding at.  If I were bleeding elsewhere it would be cause for immediate attention, but this kind of bleeding just gets a dismissive phone call and vague instructions to see my doctor within the next week or so despite webMD telling me that this kind of bleeding could quite possibly be a sign of cancer…  It might not be, either, but in the meantime I’m taking it easy and not running or dancing;  I’m avoiding the big jostle, as it were.  It’s a little frustrating because running and eating are my two biggest stress relievers and when I can’t run I want to eat so much food.  On top of that I hate to not meet my goals for the week.  I was determined to start getting going in earnest.  I wanted to firm up some habits and start running some miles.  I’m walking my mileage instead, but it’s not what I wanted so I’m frustrated so I’m whiny.  Plus, this morning?  I weighed in at 206.  What the everloving heck is up with that???  I weighed 193 on Sunday.  Today, five days later, I seem to have gained 13 pounds.  Have I been eating a little off plan?  Yes, but not 13 pounds worth!!!  Something is rotten in Denmark and I’m looking forward to my Dr. appt on Monday to solve those mysteries, perhaps, because this is not cool.

I decided to look on the bright side and see this as an opportunity to smash book, watch crap TV and sit around…  I did that yesterday and the day before.  But now I’m caught up on my smash books until I get new photos to add to it, so I decided to upload the pictures to the sites from which I wanted to order, but that was full of annoying snafus and issues.  I finally got it done after visiting three websites, uploading one app and writing one strongly worded letter to PrinterPix, but steam must have been coming out of my ears because when I said I was going to take a break and go upstairs, my family just backed away slowly and handed me the puppy.  

And guess what?  I do feel better now!  🙂 Thanks to my puppy and you!

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  1. Paula

    There is certainly a reason for concern for this bleeding. Glad to know you made a Dr appointment. As someone with a nothing but an unregular period I didn’t. Long story short, it was a signal that I entered menopause. In my early 40’s I really did not think it was time, but it was. It will certainly put your mind at ease to hear from the Dr that is not cancer. As for That 13 pound gain, it could be a gain due to all the “additional” fluid. We all retain water during our normal cycles. What you are going through is not a typical cycle. It is impossible to gain that much weight in 5 days. 5 days from now you will see this gain disappear. Don’t let this set you back okay? You will overcome this as I have seen you do on other issues you’ve faced.

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