Bradley and I went for the BEST run this morning. We went on the giant loop, but instead of turning where I turned last time, we turned on a different street and tried exploring our neighborhood a little to find a different route. It was fun for a few reasons:
1. The spirit of adventure was present this morning. I’m a creature of habit and like to run the same runs over and over and over. So today, we ran farther from the house. So far, we could have run into the QFC, bought a coffee and we could have headed back home. Back in the day, that is exactly how we would spend our time. We were poor college students or house poor or baby poor for many many years. Our entertainment has been walking the woods, trails and neighborhoods offered for free for years. We find a new road and head down together with a grin, curious about what will be over the next rise. It felt like THAT.
2. The run felt GOOD. My oxygen exchange was even and I wasn’t out of breath for most of it, my muscles felt solid, I wasn’t tired feeling. I kept saying how much I was enjoying the run for almost the entire way. I really was!
3. I have gotten over my concerns about holding Bradley back with my slower pace. It occurred to me that he wants to be with me ALL OF THE TIME anyhow, why would my slower pace discourage him from coming along with me? So today? I stared at his butt as he ran ahead of me and chased it. It was a great motivator. Meow.
4. My husband took the above picture when I got grumpy because my Strava got turned off after running for 4 seconds. It makes me mad when Strava messes up (Strava is the app I use to track my runs- I welcome you to join Strava and follow me!) because I lose my pacing and don’t know how far I’ve run exactly. When I get grumpy while running my pace quickens, so I passed my darling man and he started commenting on how, really, this is the view he should be chasing all the time and stuff like that. There’s even video. It was funny, made me laugh, and of course, I like the attention and confirmation that my butt is getting better! LOL!
5. We used Siri on Bradley’s iPhone to get us home. We would be running along and she’d say, “Turn right at the next street,” because we really didn’t know where we were at. It was kind of fun to not think and just let Siri work the brains while I worked the brawn.
It was a really fun run!
A few days ago I posted a picture of my arm. I was surprised to see it looking so slender and I really want to puff it up a little with some muscle now. I’m not talking getting all sinewy and tawny like Madonna or anything (who looks amazing but I’m not that motivated), but some tone could be nice. I also have dreams of rocking thick thighs and a bootylicious behind that has curves (When slender, I have a flat 80’s butt. Perhaps it was the 80’s jeans… Regardless, I’m going to try exercise to make it not a flat rear this time).
None of this is going to happen unless I get better about – more consistent with – working my weights! There will be nothing even close to a round butt unless I start lunging, my six pack will stay a two liter unless I keep crunching and my guns will continue to pew pew BB’s without weight work! At this point I’m lucky if I hit any of those more than once a week. I’ve been taking it pretty easy on myself during the last few weeks. I made goals, didn’t meet them and easily forgave myself. I was way too easy on myself. And I continue to be too easy on myself. I have all kinds of excuses about being busy, being tired, missing my kids, it’s hot, my bra is in the wash… Some excuses are solid and true, but some are just convenient. I’m sure you can see the difference. I do great with running consistently, now I just need to put the same energy into my muscle building and toning.
Just so you know, I am not even trying to become a she-hulk. The six pack is mostly a metaphor, so you get the idea of the area I’m hoping to work on. My goal is just to be fit and have a body that, if I choose to do plastic surgery eventually, is worth spending money on. If I choose to forgo surgery, I want to feel confident with myself. Like, I just don’t want to be an emaciated, atrophied former chubby girl who brought all of her health problems to her sleek new body. I want a healthy body, in looks and function. Flab is ok. Stretch marks are ok. Sag is ok. Weak muscles and inconsistency are not.
So this week my goal is to be consistent, hold myself to my muscle workout goals and get those arms building, tummy strengthening and booty rising!
Oh- check this out:

I cropped my feet out. I seriously need to get a pedicure! That aside- that number! 232.6! Woohoo! 2.6 away from the 20’s. Aah-may-zing!!
Goal this week: 12 miles
Miles ran: 12.5
Muscles? Meh. I did stomach once. Lol!
Miles: 10
Muscles: work each zone three times

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