Cap’n Awesome Flies Again

In case you weren’t aware, I have an alter ego: I am Cap’n Awesome in addition to being known as the great and powerful Tamara Shazam.  Cap’n Awesome has the power to teach while also having fun and being awesome, while Tamara Shazam has the power to run and lose a ton (or around 150 pounds) of fat!  Cap’n Awesome started out as an ironic name*, so I love that I get to giggle about my own secret…  Anyhow…

{I took two quick pics at Zumba.  I thought ONE of them would turn out.  Sigh.  I suppose I call them derpy run pics for a reason.  😂}

Cap’n Awesome is back in the house and she is bringing all kinds of awesome with her.  Why, might you ask?  What hast thou done in this month of September that has you dancing a jig?  I have a tendency to be really, REEEEEEAAALLLLY hard on myself when it comes to diet and exercise. I have really high standards for myself and when I am not toeing the line I can be very disappointed in myself and it can quickly twist to anxiety, depression and full on panic.  It all comes from knowing myself really well: I was able and willing to look the other way for 20 years while I sat in a bed or on a couch shoveling as much crappy food into my mouth as I wanted.  I followed no rules about diet or exercise, I just didn’t want to care, so I didn’t.  Of course, deep down I really cared.  Of course I did.  But I never let my fit girl speak up and be heard, so my apathetic girl took over and got louder and louder, drowning out any kind of common sense that may have been bouncing around my brain.  I know what I’m capable of (eating and gaining a lot) and I believe that I have to be really firm with myself or I am deathly afraid I’ll backslide right back into the 300’s.  

September is hard.  I start back at school, and while I like that my diet gets revised, it’s hard to keep up on my exercise during the weekdays…  Everything just gets wacky.  So, today I got home and went for a run.  I was only going to do a mile, I just wanted to move a little, but ended up doing more.  After I was done, I started looking at my Strava and I counted my runs for September.  I ran outdoors nine times.  I ran on my treadmill two or three times.  I went to Zumba twice…  If I workout or run tomorrow, which I’m planning on doing, I’ll average working out every other day for the month of September!  Not bad!  While that certainly is not ideal in keeping with my goal of working out five days a week, it’s nothing to sneeze at, either!  I went from being really down on myself and calling myself lazy to feeling pretty good about things.  Cap’n Awesome, indeed.  😉

This was our run today.  My goal is to run ten miles this week, just to get moving again.  I’m considering Zumba tomorrow as I haven’t been on a Tuesday in ages, but that may have to wait until the weather is a wetter, the afternoons a little darker and outdoor running isn’t so appealing.  There’s gorgeous weather this week and with hardcore autumn just around the corner, I feel the need to take advantage of the sunshine while it’s still out there!  

*For those who may wonder…  The name Tamara Shazam is derived from my birth name of Tamara Suzanne, and name Cap’n Awesome came from a friend of mine who wrote a blog post one time and called herself Cap’n Awesome, but in the totally not awesome, ironic kind of way.  It was so funny, so clever, so hilarious, just as she is.  I hijacked the name and now use it on campus and even have a purple cape with my CA initials on it!  Who woulda thought that name would stick???  I’m glad it did though.  It’s SUCH a funny and AWESOME name!

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