I’m tired.
Over the past few weeks we’ve been going at breakneck speed trying to pack the most fun we can in the remainder of the summer. We’ve also been trying to exercise a lot. Like, a lot. I wanted to make sure Bradley saw me using our new equipment often enough to make it worthwhile, while also keeping up with my running regimen while running all over Seattle having fun.
I was spending about an hour on the elliptical (ten minutes here, 20 minutes there), running and weights, clocking in 90+ minutes per day. My knees just feel swollen and stiff as all get out. My arms, shoulders and back are aching. Yeah. I’m TIRED! Ha!
Then, yesterday, we traversed those beautiful Vancouver stairs to that sacred beach again and, when I reached the bottom, my calves started spasming. After we lolled about in the sand and surf for a few hours, we climbed those same 400+ stairs and while I sweated in, possibly, the most humid forest EVER, my calves felt each and every step. Last night? I was awoken to several, very unpleasant Charlie horses. My knees ache. And did I mention how tired I am?!
Anyhow, I’m taking a break from it all for a few days- exercise, the blog, everything except watching my diet. My plan is to sit with my kids, kiss my husband, watch mindless television and recover before I go back to work on Tuesday.

At the Stanley Park Totem Poles yesterday- right before we found the vegetarian hot dog vendor.
***a few notes***
~I passed my pro-cert! I’m now a professionally certificated teacher!
~My package from Gap/Old Navy arrived today. Some of the xl clothes were (GET THIS!!!) too big and I had to exchange them for smaller ones. (Ha ha ha!!!!)
~I’m probably going to be exercising in a matter of hours. If you’ve ever read this blog before, then you know me. 🙂
~I know a few people who recently had bariatric sleeves put on/in/dontknowtheproperterm and they are doing great! Cheers for their continued growth (or shrinkage) towards their health!

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