Boots and Summer Goals

Way back in June I wrote the following list of goals. I started wondering how I was doing on them. Turns out, I’m not doing stupendously well!
This summer I want to…
– End with my weight in the 220′s
– Run an average of four runs per week
– Hike to the ice caves (and other hikes too)
– Go dancing at Neighbors (our favorite from our 20′s) with an old friend
– Go back to naked spa
Be a good kid with my food but balance the yummy stuff in too
Get stronger by using my weights an average of 3 times per week
– Clean my kids’ rooms
Weed out my too-big clothes! They are everywhere!
kiss the babies and the hubs lots
Relax, laugh & have fun!
The crossed out ones are accomplished…
*I am not in the 220’s. Part of me is super peeved about this, the other part of me is cool with it. In September, my school/work days will force me to schedule things a little better. That said, I’m doing well today and plan to continue to do well for the remainder of the summer. I still have two weeks. That is plenty of time to lose three pounds if I just pony up and do it. Determination…
*I’m at an average of three runs per week. I see that changing, though, since vacations and craziness is all over.
*The ice caves hike has been pared down by the parks service to a 1/4 mile * walk each direction. Because it’s such an easy hike now I’ve not been very interested in driving the hour to get to the trailhead. Isn’t that terrible? I decided the other day to plan it along with another short hike in the area so I’ll still get a good workout in. * I don’t know where I saw that- it’s an easy mile each way.
*My going-out buddy has been struggling too much with her depression so Neighbors wasnt going to work anymore. I substituted a teacher’s night out and a future celebration with a friend of mine who just got hired AND engaged. It’s not Neighbors, but it is going out and that was the whole point!
*There just never seemed time to go back to the spa. Sigh… Plus, I just like my family so much! It’s hard to leave them when I know I have to leave them every day for work in just a couple of weeks.
*My kids did a surprisingly good job cleaning their own rooms without my help! All the training has paid off! Could we be entering a new era? I hope so!
Guess what showed up at my door last week??? Here’s more motivation to end the summer at 225:

20130812-133218.jpg was having some pretty awesome prices on wide calf boots and I took advantage. Remember how I was supposed to get ONE pair of boots? Ha ha ha! Yeah. I saw way more than one pair for my wide-calved, clown feet. They are beautiful and I need to lose seven pounds stat so I can wear them this fall!
*Interesting note- I think I will forever be a wide-calved girl. I notice that skinny jeans are always tight on my calves and as I keep getting fitter and smaller, my calves remain the same. I think being a bigger girl who has always been active compounded by my running means I’m just going to have cantaloupes back there for life. I’m cool with that. 🙂

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