Blues for a Jean Skirt

Yesterday I wore this jean skirt to work that I’ve had for several years.  In all honesty, it’s one of the oldest things I have in my closet because I have refused to pay the $70 it takes to repurchase two tubes of denim in stonewash and dark rinse…  I mean, really.  And I thought it wouldn’t matter.  I thought that a tube of denim was a tube of denim and should function like a the tube of denim that it’s supposed to.  I put it on with a belt and that was supposed to keep everything in place.  

I hadn’t worn the skirt in a while…  I figured out why, yesterday, while I wandered around work.  Because the denim skirt that was too big, with each step I took it jacked the skirt up, left, right, left, right with each step and all of the sudden the waist of my skirt was resting exactly below my bust line.  I’d adjust, pull it down, and within thirty minutes I was ratcheting my micro-miniskirt back into a reasonable, teacherly, knee-length skirt.  I know, tough, right?  These are the problems I get to have.  In that one picture, you can literally see the floor and my feet in the space between my tummy and skirt!  Kinda funny!  It is a minor inconvenience, but it’s also a pretty awesome non-scale victory!  I finally shrunk out of my size 16’s!  I’ve been wanting to try on a size 12 lately.  Things are starting to feel loose again and it might just be time for a new wardrobe.  😈  That certainly kicks that challenge to hit 190 pounds by the New Year into high gear!  A few more pounds and my clothes will be falling off of me and I will simply NEED to purchase new clothes, right?  For the children.  Right?  And world peace.  Of course.

Air tight logic right there.


I’m totally stoked about being on Thanksgiving Break.  My family begged off from the 5k (wah- it’s going to be cold, wet and along the freeway), so that’s off the books.  Instead, I’m going to Zumba with Emily (!!!)  for 75 minutes on Thanksgiving morning.  But then I found myself pouring over the schedule all excited to integrate some more body pump, cycling classes and …  More running!?!?!?  I’m so excited about running during this break.  Maybe I can get some solid distance under my sneaks!  Tomorrow I get to chop a lot of food up and get ready for our Tofurkey Day.  It’s just the four of us vegetarians at Lj House, this year, so we plan on being super slothful and full of Thanskgiving festivities like watching the Thanksgiving parade, watching Pocahontas, viewing the Friends Thanksgiving episodes, going for a walk, decorating our tree and other historical and traditional activities.  But mostly fitting more stuffing and gravy into the cracks around the pieces of pie with whipped cream.

Yep.  I said pieces.  It’s a holiday.

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