Blerching It

Next weekend is the Beat the Blerch 10K, brought to us by Matthew Innman of The Oatmeal fame. If you’re are unaware, he is a writer and artist who is irreverent, cynical, honest and funny. He also happens to be a runner who documented his feelings about running in a comic called The Terrible and Wonderful Reasons I Run Long Distances. It’s hilarious and honest in a way that I connected to and I’ve been a fan of his comics before even that one came out, so of course I’m participating in the run.

Except… I’ve been freaking out about it. Like, FREAKING OUT. I hurt my back with the move and ever since then I’ve been fairly inactive. My focus was to just be still and hopefully, given time, my back would heal. But it just keeps on feeling the same, like a white-hot knife is being pushed into my back next to my shoulder blade. It mostly happens in the morning, and I’ve learned now that if I put ice on it first thing that it feels better for most of the day. But even with that, I’ve been trying to avoid hurting myself further by being still. I couldn’t wait any longer, though. Like I said, I’ve been freaking out! Intellectually, I know I’m going to be fine To run six miles. In fact, I’m certain that I could pull off the half marathon. It might not be pretty, but I think I could do it. But my inner fat girl is flipping out that I’ve been behind on my consistent cardio and I’ve been really worried that I won’t be able to make it the entire 6.2 miles at the Beat the Blerch race! I was worried about a serious backslide just moments before the race I’ve been looking forward to more than any other!!!  

Last week I tried to counter those feelings by getting on the treadmill a few times. I wasn’t able to sustain longer than 15 or 20 minute period of time however because I had too much going on, dinner to make, lunches to pack, first days of school to listen to. Today I was determined to get a real run in come hell or high water. Imagine my terror when I woke up, then, to the most intense back pain that I’ve experienced since I started dealing with this injury. I was instantly Oscar the Grouch and Senator Sensitivity with an Eeyore cloud following me around raining on my parade. I literally cried because I’m sick of this and being unable to support my goal with exercise! I laid in bed, grousing, complaining, picking fights and being altogether bratty and difficult when all of the sudden the pain went away. Immediately I hopped out of bed, rallied Bradley, changed into my running gear and off we went!

Isn’t it funny how a good run can totally change your attitude while also giving you a clear vision of how awful your behavior was that morning?? We ran 3.3 miles. I took it as slow as possible, but when you look at my splits, I wasn’t the worst for speed. I don’t mind slow miles, but I do like to keep them under 13 minutes (that one 13 minute mile there had some stops, untied shoelaces and neighbor visit). On the final leg of my run today I just felt joy. I love being able to run and move and exercise and experience the world! I’m so excited for next week’s Beat the Blerch!!! I’ve decided that indeed, I may just eat a cupcake, Nutella sandwich AND some purple drink! (Don’t know what that means? Seriously! Go read the comic– all four parts!)

Tomorrow we are going to run to St. Edward park and back. It’s a 5.3 round trip with some decent elevation and fun things to see. I’m excited to realize that even with a sore back, I might still be able to run. I probably can’t put my Zumba shoes on just yet, but running? Woooohoooooo! And I just LOVE running in the fall weather!!! Squeee!

And yesterday I got my annual haircut and color. I used this groupon and had a fantastic cut from Emily! Soooo happy! She cut all the nasty, dead stuff off and my hair is still long. I’m amazed. LOVE❤️

And if you’re interested in supporting my Base2Space climb, here is the link!

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