Black Friday

I ate a lot yesterday.  Like, take that whole notion of what a feast is supposed to be, and just know that I took it to heart.  My promise to myself is that if I stay on track the rest of the time, I can feast on the celebration days.  And boy, did I.  I remember being a kid on Thanksgiving, after the meal and the grown-ups were gathered around the dining table, the cousins were getting all sweaty and wrestle-y somewhere else, and I was watching The Love Boat while eating something whenever there happened to be the slightest bit of space in my tummy.  Space announced itself like hunger, and I just went with it.  Yesterday was like that.  I worked out at Zumba in the morning, cooked and, pretty much, fasted in the early afternoon, then gorged and laid around for the rest of the day.  I woke up this morning and I still wasn’t hungry.  I know it’s not as bad as I think it was, because I also let myself drink diet soda, but still.  I was stuffed last night.  Phew!  This morning I was determined to get back to a normal eating pattern, and for the most part I did.  Except that we went to the Macy’s Holiday Parade as part of our yearly Lj tradition and mini donuts were purchased and consumed.  Not to mention that almost allllllll of the food I ate today still had some gravy on top.  And did I mention it was stuffing that was coated with gravy?  Yeah.  So anyways. While I’m not eating the quantity, apparently I’m still in feast mode as far as quality goes.    

 After my lunch of gravy-laden stuffing with a side of rolls and jello salad, I was feeling roly poly and like I needed to move.  But not that much.  I just wanted to feel less guilty and a little more proactive about my plan!  Bradley mentioned needing to go to the store for a movie, so I decided to run to the store to meet him.  I was running with a belly full of stuffing and gravy, so I ended up with a stitch in my side for the middle third.  That wasn’t very fun, but while it was frigid-cold, the sun was shining, my tunes were in my ears and I was having the best time!  Five minutes before I crested the hill and made it to the QFC parking lot, I texted Bradley, and by the time I was lapping the store for the first time,  he was there!  It was a great way to trick myself into a brief workout.  And 1.9 miles is way better than 0.0, so I’m pretty satisfied.  I also felt like a smartie pants because I didn’t stop moving during the whole parade this morning.  I probably looked like a weirdo marching in place the whole time, but I stayed warm in the 35 degree weather and got in 4000 steps.  Tomorrow I’m taking Bradley on a run.  I’m looking forward to catching some crisp, Saturday miles with my heart!

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