I’m all celebratory now. I’m so very happy to have met my goal. I’m kinda walking around in a daze…

I loved my outfit today. Wanna know why? Because I actually tucked my shirt in and wore a belt. The belt was not covered up with an extra puffy shirt or a folded over belly. In fact, my belly actually was nicely hidden behind the belt and my stomach actually looked kind of flat. How can that be? So far, I really like 225.

It seemed appropriate that I should post a comparison series, so I shimmied out of my skirt and sweater and didn’t even really think about the fact that I was basically wearing a onesie with a belt. It’s a little weird, but then I went and took another picture without it and that looked even weirder. Like I was trying to be a forest bark nymph or something. It’s fun to see though. Cool. 🙂

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