Beignets for Breakfast 

My parents just got back from New Orleans and brought back a souvenir of Beignet mix.  Beignets, if you don’t know, are fried hunks of bread that are plopped, hot and dripping, into powdered sugar and are a specialty of New Orleans.  We learned about them through the Disney movie: The Frog Princess and have eaten them at Disneyland so we were pretty excited about them.  However, being that fried food is hardly ever made in our house (I allow one fry day per year, tops), we decided to see what else we could fry and grabbed a few potatoes to make potato chips.  Potato chips were alarmingly simple to make and two potatoes made a huge bowlful.  Which we ate.  For breakfast.  With our deep-fried-sugar-coated Beignets…  Ohmygoodness it was delicious.  We also fried some marshmallows and I was open to other things, but we got sick of fried stuff pretty quick and moved on.  Then I had that awful ‘I just ate more fried stuff than I have in a year’ kind of feeling and decided I needed to get out on the streets to run at least a little bit of it off!  I chose a nice and hilly route for maximum burn, but with that crappy food in my belly, running was rough.  I had a side stitch for much of it and felt much more distracted than I usually am which makes me feel like my fuel was subpar, making my run harder.  It was more difficult today to just let go and enjoy the run, space out, look at the sky…  I was constantly wanting to check my distance and get it over with.  Tomorrow, before I run I’m eating some good nutrition to assist me.  I’m planning on doing my longer run of 8-10 miles before I head back to school on Monday for the last 50 days of school before summer break!  It already feels like summer though.  It’s been in the 70’s a lot this week and I’ve been loving it!  

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  1. Paula

    I find if I do not fuel myself properly, I just cannot run well. It is great you got out there to balance out all the fried foods. I just can’t seem to eat them anymore without some form of stomach distress. I used to adore fried cheese curds, but I just can’t do them any longer. Great job with keeping up the streak!

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