1. Michelle B.

    Just came on over from “Runs For Cookies”. All I can say is wow! I have only skimmed through your January posts up to this one – Loving your point of view and take on weight, comparisons, loving ones self, living your best to live longer. I appreciate your posting “progress” pictures. I find them really motivating. I’ve just re-engaged my self to being healthy and active again after a few years of not being in the best place and gaining 50+pounds due to lots of different things. Have been finding it hard to find the “want” to do the things I need to do for again – lots of different reasons. Yay for finding your blog! You have made fantastic progress and I look forward to reading through your blog and hearing about the journey!
    Keep up the great work and thank you for sharing:)

  2. elizabeth

    You constantly amaze me, friend…constantly. Every time I catch up on your blog, I am more motivated. I LOVE your pictures and your beautiful, more wrinkled, less plump face! and those eyes….xoxoxoxo Can’t wait to see you!

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