Beat the Blerch 10K

I love The Oatmeal online comic. I’ve long though the writer, Matthew Inman, is funny in a sincere/cynical/truthful kind of way, I like the way he stands up for himself, I like the way he writes about history… I like him. And then I found out he was a runner and I got really excited when he posted about running long distances, and, really, running all distances because running is hard when it’s hard, no matter the distance! It was hard when I ran for 30 seconds and it was hard when I ran for seven miles. It’s hard when you’re running at any point that you’re pushing yourself. And I love it. I love how I feel after a run. I love the feeling I get after a week or two of consistent running. I love the feeling after I’ve completed a race and I love the feeling of security that I get from being able to endure some time and distance running. I love the way it chases away depression and anxiety. I love what running has done for my body, but I really love that it helped me beat my own personal blerch.

Last year I found out about the Beat the Blerch 10K/Half/Full Marathon far too long after registration was filled and closed. I was sad, thinking of all those people trucking through Carnation, Washington… But this year my friend Jessica just happened to post it to Facebook AND I MADE IT IN! I’m running in the Oatmeal Beat the Blerch 10K!!!! I’m at the stupid level of excitement. I don’t care at all about the cupcakes or magical purple beverage, but I care a lot about the beautiful trail and the actual blerches who will be chasing us along!!! Bwa-ha-hahahaha! I can’t wait!!! Sunday, September 12th, I’ll be there running my 6.2 miles. I can totally do that.

I went on a walk today, just Martha and me. This view made me smile. The wind was blowing and I stood in a shower of petals- it was absolutely lovely. The seven year old in me loved it just as much as the 41 year old I am. 😉

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