Base 2 Space Climb

Well, I went ahead and did it! I’m climbing the Space Needle on October 3rd!!! I signed up as a ‘trotter’, which means my miles are in the 10-12 minute mile range. I originally thought that I would only get to climb to the first deck which is about halfway up the Space Needle, but I’m actually climbing up to the very top!!! And do you want to know something? The top fundraisers get to walk the halo of the Space Needle! That’s the outer ring, without any security around it, using only carabiners and rope to hold you on. Shiver! That said, if I manage to be a top fund raiser, I promise to do it. And on the off chance that my name gets drawn for the random privilege, I will shakily make my way around the halo, just to say I did.
Like I said previously, I’m not just climbing for the sake of climbing. I know an unnerving number of my own peers, family members and friends who have been diagnosed with cancer. Yucky, scary cancers that make them all stop in their tracks to start something unexpected and uninvited. Suddenly we all have to fight, and those of us on the outside, who are close enough to know details but not close enough to be directly involved, are spinning our wheels with a desire to unobtrusively help them but without an outlet to do so. This is my outlet. I’m climbing to the top of the Space Needle for all of the fighters and survivors who I walk this earth with and in memory of those who fought hard and only live in our hearts, now.
If you are able and willing, please consider donating a few dollars to my fundraising campaign. Any amount is welcome. This link will take you to my page where you can donate using your credit card. You are also welcome to give me money directly and I will make the donation in your name on my page. Thank you all for your support, be it monetary or as a cheerleader!

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