I keep thinking I need to write something for my blog… But then I keep not writing anything for my blog. Funny like that, eh?
Frankly, I’m in the throes of summer. The weather is hot, I’m sweaty, a little sleepy and am just not into doing much in the way of running. It’s hot in the morning and all day long and it just sounds like torture to go run around in the 83 degree sun.
I guess I should acknowledge that I’m not being lazy…
… There was the 3 mile run/ walk yesterday…

… Not to mention the all day zoo trip today…

… The thirty minutes on the exer-bike followed with a beach walk…

And I need to acknowledge that just because it’s not a run does not mean I did not exercise. I totally am exercising. Just not with spastic breathing, I guess.
Food has been, well, interesting lately. Self control has definitely not been my strongest feature. I wouldn’t say I’m out of control by any means, but I’m having difficulty saying no to myself. I need to remember that sense of satisfaction that comes from going to bed after a clean and balanced eating day and I need to remind myself of that more often.
That said, as soon as I discovered BBQ flavored Pop Chips and then saw the giant bag at Costco for 5.00 I promised myself that one day this summer I’d let myself eat as much of the contents of that family sized bag as I wanted. I fulfilled that dream this week ( 😉 ) That has to have something to do with my weightloss issue! Salt is not my friend!
The Color Me Rad run is on Saturday! Gigi and I went and bought a new white shirt for her to wreck in the run. I’m excited. 🙂
That’s pretty much it.

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