Another Drop

Every once in a while I am asked to sub for an after school exercise program my school has called Move 60. I was asked to sub today and I wasn’t really into it, which told me that I’ve been a little off this week. I needed to do report cards, which I did, but I really needed to get my rear moving, too! My nutrition was solid but I was tired, sore and not at all interested in exercising. I told myself I could take Monday and Tuesday off, but then Wednesday happened, too. I used the excuse of ‘insane days at school,’ which have really and truly been insane, to avoid the workout. (The post-Super Bowl letdown is coursing madly through my second graders’ systems, and the modeling of brawling and poor sportsmanship did nothing for some of my students’ interactions this week.)
So, even though I didn’t want to, I did it. I went to Move 60 and ran the warm-up with the kids, which is always fun. They all try to race me, forgetting that I don’t care about fast, I care about endurance. They are so cute as they burn out, over and over, then rev up again to race me as I come around the bend again and again and again. They all remark at how red my face turns, which makes me wonder if I have a bizarrely red face, but then I just realize that little kids have to critizice adults when they see them doing something they’re competitive about. It hurt my feelings until I realized what was going on there!
Anyhow, I only got to run with them for about ten minutes, so when I got home I ran for 15 more on the treadmill. When I weighed myself, 204.8! I had one of those moments of disbelief, hopping on and off several times and rubbing my eyes before I let it settle in… Cool! 🙂

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