Last year we went to our local theater to see South Pacific. It was wonderful, of course, but the same thing happened there that happened at every theater- the seat was tight. While the seats in our theater aren’t terribly small, I have spent time in some pretty tight seats, spilling over onto my husband and apologetically leaning away from my stranger seatmate. In some theaters my hips would just be squeezed tight, but in others I would find the arm rests digging into my hips.
But tonight- TONIGHT!

Tonight we returned to the theater to see Annie and I had room enough for me AND my coat to sit alongside me. On top of that, there was no need to lean at all and the arm rest was not an issue as I can rest my hands in my lap. The world is so different when it accommodates me. I don’t feel apologetic about taking up too much space and I trust that I’ll fit in spaces- restaurant booths, airplane chairs, seat belts, roller coasters and, yes, theater seats. 🙂

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