I’m so pleased with myself right now. Things are going very well. Very well in that way that I feel really healthy about things. While I’m still not under 200 pounds, I am shrinking. My smallest jeans are fitting well, which is a good sign, and I’m smaller, in general, everywhere… While my weight is doing the opposite. In fact, today I woke up weighing 206. I’m irritated about it but patient. I’m seeing, elsewhere, the signs that I’m getting healthier, evidence of my hard work in my too-big pants and my graduation into my smaller ones. Im seeing it in my endurance; I feel like I can run forever, these days. I’m just not seeing evidence of my weight loss on the scale yet.


My habits are solid and I’m proud. I’m drinking water like a camel. I’m drinking five, big glasses of water at work and 48 ounces at night and a huge glass with dinner. I feel like I’m stuffed full of water, lately! LOL! That’s helping me, though, because I’ve been less hungry. I’m realizing, in earnest, that hunger and thirst are easily confused. I’ve heard if you’re hungry that often, really, you are just thirsty, and a glass of water can quiet your stomach’s call. I thought that I was putting that theory into practice, but nothing like now. To go with the water, my nutrition has been really clean and spot-on over the past week-plus. I’ve been exercising really well, too. I’ve been running three or more miles, daily, and it feels so good to be so consistent again. While I’m not losing weight, I’m feeling really good and really strong.

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