A Hot Dog, Some Bon-bons, A Large Soda and Some Tacos to Go

I don’t want to say this so I will: I need to get more serious about my food.  I’m letting so much slide down my throat  lately that I think I’m building up some bad habits that are going to be hard to break.  For example: tonight my daughter made tacos.  I ate one taco, then a second taco, then I had to sample her seven layer dip that she also made.  It was so good that I had about 12 chips-worth (because it is intended to be eaten on chips, right!?) and followed it up with a cookie.  And a bite of ice cream.  And a promise of an ice cream cone later.  😳 As I was hanging out with my full-of-tacos-stomach, thinking about the ice cream cone that is lurking in my near future, I realized that I’ve got to get this in control.  I’m trying to figure out how much time needs to pass before it is reasonable to have the ice cream.  I don’t have room for it in my stomach but I still want it.  How silly is that?!  And hullo, binge behavior!  I know you well!  Crap.  Not a good thing…  That said, I know that I like to take things slow, so I’m thinking that I’ll get the exercise habit going this week and next week I’ll tackle the nutrition with some solid journaling.  Actually, I think I’ll start journaling tomorrow, if only to learn what I’m really consuming in comparison to my working out.  I think I’m probably doing better than I think I am, but my weight is still up over 200 (203 this morning) so, no matter what, I know there’s some food issues happening.  Journaling my nutrition will only give clarity to the dark places.

Speaking of working out, I am on point for it this week!  Today we did a walk-run.  I was planning on a short, two-miler or so, but Bradley asked to come so I decided to make it a 5k, thinking he wanted a solid workout.  After about a mile his knee started acting up, so he walked and I ran back and forth to him, around him, up a side street and back to him as we made our way home.  I was cranky when we left and by the time we got back home everything was all good again.  I had planned to start Zumba in earnest again but noticed that as soon as I went to a class my lower back started hurting again.  As much as I love Zumba, I’m not sure it’s my thing as much as I want it to be, so tomorrow I think I’ll stick with running, again, except this time I’ll make Gigi run with me!

Title reference?  Didja get it?



  1. Hi Tamara,

    I am looking for current Weight Watchers members to feature in an upcoming TV commercial. Would love to send you additional information, but can’t find a contact info for you. If interested in learning more, could you email us at researchATgenuinerpDOTcom?


    Gina B.

    • Tamara

      Hey Gina- I don’t follow weight watchers- I’m more of a rogue, fly by the seat of her pants kinda girl. Best of luck to you! Tamara

  2. Lesleigh

    I’m right there with you. I’ve slid back into some bad eating habits and need to do something about it. It’s SO hard! Its so much easier to eat bad. But haven’t felt as good lately so I know I need to change. Good luck getting back on track!

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