Robots and Diet

Mmmkay. So, I’m not on the wagon very much right now.
Right now I’m exercising plenty. I’m serious! I was on the elliptical for an hour today, still doing the weights (yeah, Bowflex!) and I’m running pretty much every day.
But my food?
Laws have mercy!
It’s not that I’m doing that bad even, if I’m perfectly honest. I’m hitting right at my calories, then BOOM! Ice cream? Sure, I could go for some ice cream! S’more? Why, yes, I’d love one! I have this policy of letting myself have the treats in moderation, but lately I want treats ALL THE TIME and they are tipping me over the edge from losing to maintenance mode. PMS definitely has something to do with it, but so does my determination.
I’ve not been behaving like a person who is determined to lose weight. Ive been behaving like a seasoned dieter who is tired of the diet. That is not going to work. I’ve been buying into the myth that I’m losing weight and getting healthy, but really I’m just stalling. It takes two activities for me to lose weight- restricted calories and exercise with more exercise after I’m done exercising. I’ve been going like crazy with the exercise and letting the diet go because I think I can just run/lift/walk/ride it off. Obviously I’m working it off, but only enough to maintain. I need to be a good kid again. I need to start hitting the 1500 mark consistently again.
I’m so looking forward to returning to work next week for one reason- scheduled food times. Snacking is a non-issue for me at school. In fact, sometimes I even forget to eat while I’m there. Here at home I want to eat every time I’m near the kitchen and since our kitchen is central to our open floor plan, I’m always wanting a snack. Sheesh! I just want my boots! Go away seven pounds!!!!!!
Here is my adorable son because I have no pictures of anything relevant to put up here today. Enjoy!

I think of diet as what I eat. Not ‘a diet.’ I’m not on a diet, but my diet is full of food. You get it. I just wanted to make that clear.

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