Stories related to my journey to become a runner:

Why I chose running

Running- Shazam Style! A fairly complete story/guide about how/why I started running.

The first time I tried running…

My first official run was for 30 seconds! Read about it here.

My second run was actually documented with a photograph. I ran for a whole minute this time.

My first mile: Chariots of Fire

My first 1.75: 1.75

My first two mile run: Mile Two

My first unofficial 5K: Ray of Light

The first time I ran five miles: Five Miles

The time I ran on vacation. ON VACATION! Running: In Oregon!

My first officially timed race results: Three Miles

11/21/13: New PR of 8:12. Yes I DID!

Thoughts About Training.

Disney Decision– my commitment to running the Disney Princess Half Marathon

Let the Training Begin