Dance Fanatic

I made a goal over break to go to dance every chance I got, and you guys, I did it!!! I made it to dance 13 out of 16 days! And two of those missed days were a Christmas and New Years Eve when there were no dance classes. I feel so proud and need to remind myself of the momentum I built! It was the holiday health hustle that really got me moving and thinking I can really do this again.

Doing the Holiday Health Hustle with Jessica, Kim and the SDF Dance Fam

Cuz today? Today I want to eat everything I see. I’ve definitely eaten more than I should (damn those Hershey’s kisses in my classroom- I need to build up better resistance)! I’m dancing tonight in class and last night I officially danced a YouTube dance marathon sponsored by SDF and the SDF YouTube page, but I need to reconnect and get it for real!! I’m looking forward to sweating it out and working my twerk tonight! If you can’t make it to class, just press play and the whole set of songs on YouTube starts going, one after another. I worked for 40 minutes last night and burned about 400 calories. Thank you very much!

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