The 100+ Pound Difference

Here you will find links to my articles that have any before/during pictures in them.

Before I had a website, I wrote this as my letter of commitment and sent it out to my family and close friends in an attempt to keep myself accountable. It was such a great exercise that it spawned this website! How it all Began

Before After: A compilation of many before/during pictures that I had created during year one of my weightloss project, along with my justification about why I post them.

Here is a side view and a justification for taking pictures in my skivvies! Redeye

My face has changed a lot in the past five years! Let’s Compare, Shall We?

Another face comparison from October. Seahawks

School picture comparison: I Haven’t Posted in Two Days

Comparing my arms: Arms Race

First day of school comparison from 2011 to 2013: First Daze

A comparison for my Forty Before Forty: Belted

Comparing Arms again: Ch-ch-ch-changes!

The time I got goofy and sang sincerely to myself! Eye of the Beholder

Who am I? Who

The first time I squeezed into a size 14: Numbers

The name says it all: Bikini

Me at 246! A Moment

Independence Day – a comparison from July 2013- July 2014